Since 1936 R.L.Coolsaet Construction Company has been building a record of solid performance in our field. We have qualified personnel, first-class equipment and available finances to successfully complete any pipeline project from small diameter to forty-two inch in size. The excellence of our past performances for major oil companies and pipeline firms has prompted them to request our services often in several states across the country. Coolsaet has the experience, expertise and equipment necessary to handle your next project, from concept through design engineering and fabrication to final installation.


Coolsaet has extensive experience in the laying of pipelines for both natural gas and product lines. We are capable of installing all sizes and types of piping for cross country projects as well as flow meters, gas wells and gathering systems. We have the equipment and manpower necessary to provide the testing of pipelines that our clients require. In addition to the initial testing, we have also been employed to perform periodic testing for the detection of leaks or other problems. After diagnosis, rehabilitation efforts are undertaken by Coolsaet which effectively repair the damaged pipeline.


In our experiences we have installed numerous mains for the distribution of gas, residential and commercial gas service lines and conduit for electricity and telephone. In certain situations, joint trenches are utilized as an alternative to separate utilities gas, electric, phone and cable television. Thus, lowering cost through reduced energy and manpower expenditures. Coolsaet is also skilled in construction of manholes and the installation of pipe and equipment for town border stations, regulator stations and regular vaults. Our concern for maintaining the safe condition of pipelines is evidence by our efforts in the areas of corrosion control and renewal work.

Building Trades

For many years Coolsaet has been heavily involved in the installation of piping and related equipment, whether the fabrication has been performed by our forces or supplied for the job. We have installed fabricated piping and mechanical equipment for a wide range of facilities including storage tanks, tank farms, loading racks, metering, pumping and bulk stations, and gas extraction facilities. We are capable of handling all the construction associated with the installation or replacement of equipment for each of these facilities.


Coolsaet Construction has the facilities and equipment on hand to fabricate your piping needs. We offer complete turn-key services to our clients with the added assurance that all welding provided by our tradesmen receives the UA Stamp. Extensive testing of fabrication is preformed to insure piping integrity. Once the strict requirements are met, the equipment or piping is promptly disassembled and shipped to the job site where it is expertly installed by our highly trained personnel.

Special Projects

Over the years Coolsaet has been involved in numerous special projects including: River Crossings, Boring, Hot Oil Lines, Oxygen Lines, Road Relocations, Congested Area Construction, Short and Large Diameter Pipe Construction, Pipeline Rehabilitation, Anomaly Investigation and Replacement, Class Change, Hydrostatic Testing of Existing lines, Pipeline Cleaning, Pipeline Modification for Caliper and ILI Inspection Tools for Integrity Projects, and Wastewater Treatment Facilities.

Safety and Operator Qualification

Safety is a great concern to R. L. Coolsaet along with quality workmanship. We are committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees and the public around our work sites. This is achieved through our company safety program with involvement from upper management through field personnel. We also have an approved DOT drug and alcohol program. An Operator Qualification program has been in place since 2002 using MEA, Veriforce, and NCCER qualifications.